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Whether you are a website designer, stationery designer or a free lance designer this is for you!

As a designer you have your own conditions that you need for your business. What about deposits? And if the client has too many changes? Or doesn’t like what I have designed?

Watch my short video to help know exactly what you need, answer some of those faq’s of yours and what to do next.

Still have some questions?

Do I really need a contract?

The answer is always YES. Any business relationship should be put in writing. It doesn’t mean that you don’t trust your clients, it means that you are writing everything down that was discussed and agreed to.

Can I add my branding to The Legal Stuff’s contracts?

Yes, you can make your contract look pretty and just like your brand, it will still be legal. The contract is provided in a Microsoft Word format, which means fonts, logos, colours etc. are all up to you!

What about signing?

A client can sign electronically. That means your client doesn’t have to take the long route of printing and signing and scanning back to you. Just an electronic signature is perfect.

What happens if I need some extra help changing my contract?

You can email us at and we will help complete your contract or any other general questions that you have.

What is the next step after buying the template?

You will get a zip file with your template in and a KNOW YOUR STUFF GUIDE to help you complete your contract with all your business specifics.

What if the contract does not work for my business?

Send us an email within 5 business days after purchase on

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