There are always Must Have Contract Clauses for Creative Businesses.

Being a Creative Business usually have a little different aspect to it than other businesses. Why am I saying this? Well, because most creative businesses solely rely on their creativity. Their uniqueness and intellectual property. This is what sets one creative graphic designer apart from another, so to speak. Or any other creative business for that matter.

All creative business contracts will have some standard clauses in. It doesn’t matter that you are a Graphic Designer, Event Planner or Social Media Manager. The terms in the clauses might differ somewhat but ultimately you need to make sure that you have these clauses in your contract.

Side note…

This post is going to be dealing with the must have clauses. But it does not mean that having just these clauses are going to keep you covered for any and all type of situations. You would still have to make sure that the rest of the contract is in line with your business and South African Law. It is usually not enough to just have these clauses in. But it is a starting point.

This checklist will guide to know which clauses are important for your contract. This is a starting point. So get that contract of yours and go through this checklist to make sure that you have at least these clauses included in your contract.

You can also read more in depth about the different clauses in blog post that discusses the 5 MUST HAVE CONTRACT CLAUSES FOR CREATIVE BUSINESSES and will help you set the tone with your clients the right way.


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