Legal & Business Boundary Checklist


This 2021 is going to be different!

Having a creative business is tough! There is so much to think and worry about, and all at the same time. But the key to scaling and organizing your business is being prepared!

Yes, that it right – PUT IN THE EXTRA PREP WORK BEFORE 2021!

It can also be very confusing to know exactly what you are supposed to be preparing for. Setting those legal and business boundaries for 2021 is the key to success. In this download you will find exactly what you need to make sure that you are on track for 2021.

Check those boxes and get your plan in ready for action in 2021.

You can also read more in depth about the different clauses in blog post that discusses the 5 MUST HAVE CONTRACT CLAUSES FOR CREATIVE BUSINESSES and will help you set the tone with your clients the right way.


Attorney prepared

Easy to read & quick to change

Drafted in terms of south african law

Created for your industry

Know your stuff guide included to help you
complete your template with your business