Décor and Florist Terms and Conditions

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The Décor and Florist Terms and Conditions is the right contract for any service provider who attend to both décor and floral styling, as we all on the day coordination. You need to make sure that you are covered for any situation. Especially if the client changes their mind about the décor to be hired. Or the flower market prices fluctuate. Have the right contract for those additional costs where the place of delivery is further than agreed, additional mock-ups or changes to the venue. Protect your intellectual property and limit your liability. Our attorneys have taken the care to make sure that it is industry specific. Yes, your right we have made sure it deals with all of those hassles like signing off of the client. Similarly, how many drafts a client gets before being charged extra. In other words, it gives your client surety about what to pay and by when. What your responsibilities are as the creative. (Yes, we know that this sometimes gets completely out of hand and we want you to be covered) Best of all is that this contract makes sure that you are covered in all respects for your client’s requests. Also, this contract is attorney approved and in line with South African law is only the beginning. These contracts are easy to use and quick to change with a Know Your Stuff Guide included that shows you exactly what you need to change to make it specific to your needs. It is as simple as that in order for you to be ready to go for any situation and protected.   You can read more on my blog about whether Small Businesses need contract. 

Still have some questions?

1. Do I really need a contract?

The answer is always YES. Any business relationship should be put in writing. It doesn’t mean that you don’t trust your clients, it means that you are writing everything down that was discussed and agreed to.

2. Can I add my branding to The Legal Stuff’s contracts?

Yes, you can make your contract look pretty and just like your brand, it will still be legal.

3. What about signing?

A client can sign electronically. That means your client doesn’t have to take the long route of printing and signing and scanning back to you. Remember to have a look at the video guide about signatures. 

4. What happens if I need some extra help changing my contract?

Our team is here to help you make this as easy and simple as possible. We know how overwhelming lawyery stuff can be. You can email us on hello@thelegalstuff.co.za for any support or questions that you may have about your purchase.

Make sure you read the details of this specific product, as some products may differ.

All The Legal Stuff™ agreement template purchases include:

  • Agreement Template in Word format
  • Agreement Template in PDF format
  • Any Contract updates that we add in future to this agreement. 
  • Know your Stuff Guide to help you get started with your template.
  • Exclusive Access to the video help guides in the TLS Academy to explain what your contract means, how to customize your contract and get your clients signature on the dotted line. 
  • Easy to understand video guide on Electronic Signatures (Electronic Communications and Transactions Act)

You are probably thinking – so what happens if I buy this template and then some law changes or something? Do I have to repurchase an agreement?

We have got you covered!

Included in your license is access to all the future updated contracts! We will notify you if there are any changes or updates made to your contract. 

And the best part is that all our contracts are reviewed annually to make sure that you are kept up to date with the latest.

What if the template doesn’t work for my business?

We want you to succeed and thrive in your business and that is why we have a Happy Client Policy. 

If, within 7 days after your purchase, you feel that your purchase does not fit your business, we will work with you to make sure that you are happy and that your template suits your business needs!

If you are still not satisfied that the agreement is right agreement for your business we will refund you in full.

Given the nature of our product we only ask that you are honest about your purchase and whether it is the right fit for you. 

Attorney prepared

Easy to read & quick to change

Drafted in terms of south african law

Created for your industry

Know your stuff guide included to help you
complete your template with your business