Cancellation Policy


One of the first things that you need to do as a creative business owner is getting your cancellation policy together! It might feel counterproductive, but the reality is that at some point or another you will be facing a cancellation. Be prepared and have your client sign your contract with your policy when you start your business relationship.

Make sure you read our blog for the give away a cancellation policy. It is obviously advisable that your contract is not in conflict with the policy. Our suggestion would always be to make sure that you have the complete deal and a bullet proof contract to start with. Be sure to have a look at our industry specific creative contracts that include a rock solid cancellation policy.

Cancellations of weddings create a whole host of problems for all the parties involved. From the service providers to the venue and the client.  South African law dictates that you must balance the interests of all of the parties. This boils down to the service provider having to make profit to stay in business versus the client getting back money for a service that he will only be getting little or no value from due to cancellation.

You can also read more in depth about the different clauses in blog post that discusses the 5 MUST HAVE CONTRACT CLAUSES FOR CREATIVE BUSINESSES and will help you set the tone with your clients the right way.


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