My story really began,

without me even knowing it in 2015. I come from a family full of entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners. Literally, everyone in our family has their own business or at least a side passion.

Looking back, I knew I had always wanted my own business. I wanted to manage the day to day, and make those decisions about what is next, or what something should look like.

I wanted to be my own

creative boss.

The Legal Stuff was my way of helping small businesses with what they needed. Being a creative myself it was amazing to be able to combine law, creativeness and business together. 

The Legal Stuff is my passion – to create easy to use and accessible contracts for small business owners and creativepreneurs. Allowing businesses the opportunity to grow and not discourage them to not have their legal stuff sorted because it is too expensive to approach a law firm.

My business is founded on the principles of being an attorney that really cares about you and your business. Being open and honest about what you need and how something will either benefit you or what you don’t need.

The Legal Stuff is not a law firm,

it is an easy and affordable way for you to access industry specific contract templates that were created by me, an attorney, after meeting with so many creatives and really understanding what are the problems that you face in your industry.

I will also recommend to rather consult with an attorney on your individual needs if you are not sure or you need advice on certain aspects. If this is the case then you can visit my law firm’s website for information.