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The Photographer

Being a photographer, or even a videographer is definitely at the top of the most rewarding businesses…. capturing moments in time. But that sometimes comes at a cost.

The Coach

Whether you are a coach or perhaps a consultant, or maybe have a good balance between the two. This is exactly what your are looking for.

The Event-Planner

Event planners are those special people that bring the whole show together. You make sure that everything gets done on your client’s special day.

The Entrepreneur

If you have a creative business, whether you are a supplier, manufacturer, or some other unique creative business you need to manage

The Social Media Manager

All you social media managers this is your time to shine. Helping your client’s build their businesses online is key!

The Designer

Whether you are a website designer, stationery designer or a free lance designer this is for you!


the attorney

Hey, my name is Leani Steenkamp. I am an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer (that means property law specialist), Notary Public with a Post Graduate Diploma in Drafting of Contracts and currently busy with my Post Graduate in Tax Law. The short version is that I know my stuff. Especially when it comes to contracts!

My story is that I quit my 8-5 job from one of the biggest law firms in South Africa to pursue this dream – affordable legal stuff for creatives.

The Legal Stuff is a one stop template shop for creatives to have an easy and an affordable solution to contract templates only. Not legal advice – you would have to book an appointment for that. That basically means I am an attorney who drafted the contract templates but I am not appointed as your attorney.

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